Doppstadt AK 430 K

Preis:€ 138.554 (£115.000)
Standort: Østergade 65
Händlerprofil: Scan-Agro
96 52 06 00
Modell:Doppstadt AK 430 K
Baujahr: 2007
Betriebsstunden 5300
Letzte Inspektion 29/08/16
CE zertifiziert Yes

Recently refurbed high speed shredder Scraper floor Shafts/Sprockets/bearings/ Chains replaced New 1 Piece Hammers and Hammer Shafts Basket Rams new seals New Product belt and tensioning rods Full service with complete change of Hydraulic Oil All electrics checked and Estop system rewired. New Paint / Stickers etc also comes with a new 70mm basket, new hammers noise and dust hood magnet Radio remote control track mounted chassis Price £115,000

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